Describe what you have learned in school and life that might be transferable in the workplace.

I have learned numerous skills in life and in school that would be useful in the workplace.

In life, a skill I have obtained is to adapt to situations easily. My dad was in the Navy for 25 years and my family was constantly moving. The only thing that remained the same in my life was change because it was all I was used to. Although some might consider this to be stressful and overwhelming, it helped shape me into the person I am today. I have had to adapt to new surroundings every three years and it allowed me to “go with the flow” and try new things. Being adaptable to situations will help me during this internship because I will be able to move around the office and help with any task my mentor has planned for me to do.

In school, a skill I have obtained is to be comfortable to ask questions. Whether it is out loud for the entire class to hear or just on the side after the teacher has finished the lecture, if I don’t understand something I always attempt to ask for clarification. This will be useful for my internship because there will be times when I don’t understand something or need more guidance, and being comfortable to ask a question will allow me to fully engage with my mentor and gain as much information as possible.