Navigating Networks : Workplace interactions vary from place to place. Describe the kind of community you are working in, including the dispositions of all parties as they interact and communicate. 

I had an amazing experience at my first week of internships. I definitely have learned and expanded my knowledge already. I am interning at Hidden Valley Orthodontics and was previously a patient there. It is interesting and intriguing to see the difference between working there and being a patient because now that I am wandering around the office with employees, I get more of a “behind the scenes” look at what actually goes on. The type of community I am working in is a welcoming and positive environment. On the first day, I immediately felt welcomed and included. It was nice to know that the other employees were expecting me and would smile and introduce them self when we would meet. Since an essential part in operating a successful practice is to communicate, I feel as if the ladies who work there do an excellent job. Although it can be busy at times, they all help each other out and frequently communicate with one another to get the job done efficiently and accurately. Another part of communication is when they greet patients. The women who work there always make patients feel welcomed and safe. It seems as though they engage with the patient so they make a connection and leave a good impression. I am so impressed with Hidden Valley Orthodontics and have a greater appreciation for what they do on a daily basis now that I am able to intern at the office.