Industry Knowledge and Skills: What lessons or experiences at your internship will you bring back to school to help you to further improve in your academics?

A lesson and experience that I will be able to bring back to school to help me further improve my academics is perseverance and patience. When I was shadowing the lab technician, she was put in a situation where she had back to back patients, who both were complex cases. With the first patient, they were getting their braces off and she had to grind off the glue so it would not be gritty. At the beginning of the appointment, she told the patient that if they felt any pain to raise their left hand. So she began to take off the glue and the patient began to flinch and then raised their hand. This happened multiple times which made the process go longer than expected, but she remained calm and persevered to get it done correctly to not hurt the patient. In the next situation, there was a patient who needed a scan for Invisalign. This patient had various dental work done beforehand such as crowns, veneers, and fake teeth which made it harder to scan the teeth since they were not real. She had to scan the teeth over and over because the machine was not recognizing the teeth which made this process go longer as well. Throughout this time, she executed patience as well as efficiency because she got it done the best that she could. Perseverance and patience can be applied to academics because you need both of these skills in order to learn the material and to apply it. Education takes time and with time you need to be patient in order to learn the paternal and have perseverance in order to apply what you’ve learned and keep on trying.