Habits of Work: What advice would you pass on to future interns? What are the most important skills for a student to be successful at his/her internship? How could another student develop these skills prior to beginning internship?

Advice that I would pass onto future interns would to open to trying anything. Since there are so many different roles in the office, it is important to be able to see everything that goes on in order to get a better understanding of how the company runs. It is helpful to be open to trying anything because then you will gain new knowledge and a greater understanding. 

In order for a student to be successful at his/her internship, important skills to have would to be a good listener, respectful, compliant, selfless, and outgoing. It is important to be a good listener so that you can take in all off the information your mentor is giving you and then apply it. It is important to be respectful because you are also representing their company and you want to present yourself in a respectful way to clients and other employees. It is important to be compliant because you need to listen to what your mentor says and follow through with what you were told. It is important to be selfless because you are going to be helping other people and it is better to put their needs ahead of yours. It is important to be outgoing because you want to show your mentor and other employees who you truly are so you have a meaningful experience and are able to connect with them on more of a personal level. 

Another student could develop these skills prior to beginning internships simply by following being the best pillar at Del Lago. However you would act around a professional visitor at school is how you would act at your internship site because you are representing not only yourself but the school and need to uphold high standards and a good reputation. Del Lago does a good job of preparing scholars to act professionally due to the amount of visitors on campus and on field trips they attend.