Self Advocacy: Describe one challenge that arose this week at your internship site (related to the work the company does). What did you contribute in terms of solving this problem?

One challenge that arose this week at my internship site was during the process of removing braces. Since the assistants are already skilled on removing braces and have done this process numerous times, they pretty much know everything they are doing and rarely experience challenges they are unable to overcome. For this case, it wasn’t necessarily a challenge, it was just something the assistant needed in order to do the job more efficiently. While taking off the braces, the assistant needed to hold a mirror, hand piece, light, and hold the patients cheek open. That’s a lot of things for 2 hands to be doing at once. The challenge was that the assistant had many things in their hands and could use some help holding something to make it easier for them. What I did to contribute was that I was able to hold the light for the assistant so that they could see the areas that had glue that needed to be scraped off. It may seem like a small contribution, but I’m sure it helped a lot and made the process go by smoother.